Mr. Alan Young and Ms. Freya Sheng went to the United States to visit Silicon Valley

356bet怎样356bet官网娱356bet官网 世杯投注365.tvMr. Alan Young and Ms. Freya Sheng?visited the United States to study the operation mode of overseas incubators, visited?well-known enterprises and institutions of higher education in Silicon Valley. During their visit in?United States, Mr. Alan Young and Ms. Freya Sheng visited those well-known multinational companies such as Apple, Google, Tesla, Y Combinator, RocketSpace and other well-known incubators in the world’s top five. They also had a profound exchange?with?some of the person responsible, to explore the mainstream trend of cutting-edge technology, and established friendly long-term relationship with the Norcal Pan-Asia Dragonsourcing Consulting Group .

During the period, the two also actively participate in Stanford, Berkeley, San Francisco University and other institutions of higher learning academic exchange activities, and reached preliminary consensus?with some colleges and universities in technical staff training cooperation mechanism.

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